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With over 30 years of experience, Groupe Thomas Plants is one of the leading French producers of young vegetable and fruit plants for professional market gardeners.

Founded by the Thomas brothers in the 1970s, the company took a major turn and specialized in the grafting of young plants in the 2000s. In early 2019, the Group was taken over by Nicolas PAUL.

of the Group

Halfway between industry and agriculture, Groupe Thomas Plants is one of the leading players in the production of conventional and organic vegetable seedlings. We sell over 250 million seedlings every year, including both warm and cold weather crops. Our teams demonstrate a strong passion for our products and are committed to producing quality seedlings for our clients every day. Organic production represents an important part of our sales and growth.

The production


We have 2 production sites: Ploubazlanec (22) in Brittany et Tarascon (13) in Provence.

We currently have over 12 hectares of glass greenhouses, 4 hectares of plastic greenhouses, and 24 hectares of cultivated land for a total of approximately 40 hectares. Our production facilities include an area for seedling production, a grafting room, a molecular biology laboratory, growing greenhouses and shipping halls.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach

  • Sorting waste at production sites;
  • Reducing plastic packaging and recycling our transport crates;
  • Treating and conserving water, such as by implementing carbon water treatment systems;
  • Installing LED lamps with light recipes to control greenhouse lighting and thus manage our crops according to their development stages;
  • Developing innovative products that offer energy, water, and light savings throughout the fruit and vegetable production chain.